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About The Clay Alley

The Clay Alley began its journey on Jan 22, 2001 with a limited number of products, a lot of hope, and much crossing of fingers. Today we have expanded our product line and continue to seek unique and unusual items for the clay artist. We are a two woman and 4 cat operation..... although the women seem to do the majority of the work!

I aim to give you the down to earth, individual attention that is so rare these days. Most of my customers have become wonderful friends. I hope that we will too...... Karen

Our Hardworking, dedicated and loyal staff. 



Came to us June 8, 2009 as a 5 wk old Manx mix kitten.  He has grown to be affectionly nicknamed "HellBoy" He is into everything. Give him a ball, a feather, a string, a laser and he is immediately on the run! Hear a noise in the house? Yep, its Riley poking his nose into something!


Rosie was abandoned in a neighboring town after a major snow storm in Feb 2010. A friend was feeding her but had too many pets to take her in. So we did! She is a loving, feline. Wants petted and loves to be with you. A very good addition to the family.


Taz came to us June 2012. She has grown to be a huge cat! She towers over Rosie.


Ally came to us in Nov 2013. She just appeared out of nowhere. She is now blind but knows her way around.

Riley and Taz taking a nap


as soon as I get a pic of the little rascal.

Came to us Oct 2016 - just appeared in the yard one day and stayed.


In Memorial


Dusty was our Shipping Supervisor. He loved his white afghan!

Dusty passed away May 24, 2007. He was 10 yrs old. Kidney failure. He was one of those special friends that only comes into your lifetime once, or twice at best. I will always love him.


Punki, our oldest member, passed away on June 20, 2005.

She was a wonderful friend and companion to me. My musical gal, who kept time with her tail to the beat of the radio. And who was my shadow on most days and who loved to stretch across my shoulder.


Candles was the Head Honcho

She passed away on Mar 26, 2008. She was 17 yrs old. She could always make you stop working and go for a walk.


At 3 years old, Izzy passed in 2011 from a genetic disorder. I'm glad we had her as long as we did. She was such a sweet little girl.

Maggy with Izzy

Maggy passed away on May 18, 2009. She was 14 months old. She was a string chaser! Loved to play with just about anything. Romp and play were the words to describe Maggy.


Taco passed away on June 23, 2010. He had been with us for 3 yrs and 1 day. We believe he was at least 13-14 yrs old. He was such a gentle giant and is so very much missed by everyone.


Milo came to us in Sept 05 as a stray. A 6 yr old neutered male who's owners abandoned him.

Milo passed away on Jan 20, 2012. A very old grumpy feline. He followed us as we took our daily walks. He was a familiar sight in the neighborhood.


Sophie walked over the Rainbow Bridge Nov 2013 from a fast growing tumor. She had been the queen of the house.


75 Kinsey Drive * Gettysburg, PA 17325 * 717-334-7473 contact us


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