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ICE Resin
3D Crystal Clear Lacquer
Aleens Paper Glaze
PYMII - Preserve Your Memories II sealer
Texture plates
Shade Tex Architecture
Shade Tex 6 Design
Shade Tex Cultural
Shade Tex Nature
Shade Tex Nature 2
Shade Tex Textile
Makins Clay Set C
Walnut Hollow Border sets
Walnut Hollow design sets
Amaco texture plates

Sculpting Tools

Armature wire
Skulptools Loop, Spoon and Contour tools
Fingernail tools
Kemper Mini Finger Tool set
Kemper Lady Tool set
Clay Shapers
Wipe out tool
Jack Johnston Primary Sculpting Tool
Kemper Spoon/Lift
Dental Tools
7 pc Wax carver set
12 pc Pro Wax carver set
12 pc needle file set
Kemper mini Ribbon Tool Set
Kemper Wire Tool Set
Sculpting Wheel
Makins Clay Extruder and assessories
Walnut Hollow Extruder
needle tool
cut all scissors
bead rollers
Style & Detail tools
sculpting tools
Transfer Mediums

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