Room temperature curing silicone rubber putty, makes molds in 10 minutes.

The blue mold material demonstrated on HGTV's Crafters Coast to Coast by Judy Ross

"This stuff is addicting" 

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Alley Goop

2 Part RTV Mold Putty


Simply mix a small pancake of

Part A with the same

size pancake of Part B.

Knead together for

one minute or less

(till the color is uniform),

Gently press onto your master.

In 6 minutes you can demold!

Molds are flexible and

need no release agent

Thank you Denise for the photo of your items!

Some really interesting things you can mold with Alley Goop: polymer clay, plaster, wax, resin, chocolate or other confectionaries! This mold compound is FDA approved for food. Melt chocolate or sugar pastries into the mold, put the mold in the freezer to harden the chocolate and then pop your chocolate item out of the mold to add to cakes and other confectionaries. Other places where it is used are crime labs, antique restoration, doll repair, veterinary clinics, bakeries....

Alley Goop Mold Putty

1 lb Alley Goop Kit

8 ounces each Part A & Part B
4 Oz Sampler

2 ounces each Part A & Part B
3 Lb

1.5 lb each Part A & Part B
5 Lb

2.5 lb each Part A & Part B
10 lb

5 lb each Part A & Part B

Alley Goop!!!

I just finished using a batch of Alley Goop mold material. I have done extensive testing on five different brands of silicone molding materials. Now for my preference---it is Alley Goop.... Jeanne Rhea

I just love the mold putty. Ellen P.

Holy Moly Woman!! You ARE GOOD!!!!! :) thanks for your promptness!! I was thinking and thinking about the Alley Goop and finally said what the heck... :) Boy, am I glad I did!!! Jeanne C

as far as Alley-Goop (love that stuff!)... Alan V - UK


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