Making fairy wings with Fantasy Film or Angelina film - tutorial

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Fairy Wings Tutorial by S. Hollingstead

Draw a simple design on paper and duplicae it with your jewelry wire.


Add a tiny amount of tacky glue to the wire and place a small piece of fantasy film over it.


Lay a second piece of film on the other side (use glue on both sides of the wire) and use a heavy book to flatten the whole thing

This is what you end up with. It should be just enough to hold the wire in place while you heat the film.


Lay the whole wing flat on a heat resistant surface and heat at a downward angle on one side until you can see it shrinking. Then turn it over and heat the other side. Be careful not to overheat. Once completed, trim the wing shape, leaving ample space around the wire.


You can take a lighter and carefully go around the wing, sealing the edges.

You can use a soldering gun to melt away areas of your choosing.


The finished wing.

These wings were made using the Sunkissed Fantasy Film

 You can add glitter, cord, wire, glitter, raffia, threads, leaves, Fantasy Fiber and other color trims between the layers to give more or different effects!

You can add layers too!

  Remember if you are using an open flame, have water nearby in case you get too close and it catches fire. Use tweezers if you are holding a small item so as to not burn yourself.




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