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Sculpting DVD's

Creating A Character Figure

with Wendy Froud

In this two-disc DVD workshop, renowned artist Wendy Froud explains and demonstrates how to create a character figure of your own design. Wendy reveals her process in step-by-step detail, beginning with a discussion of how to use reference to inspire the look and feel of your designs. She sculpts three different character heads, covering a variety of techniques for giving personality to your figure including facial expressions, wrinkles and lines. After painting each head and discussing ways to add skin details such as age spots, she chooses one head to turn into a full character. Wendy then covers sculpting hands and feet, fabricating the body and costuming the character complete with boots, hat and staff. This DVD is meant to follow Wendy's first DVD Creating a Faery Figure and focuses on character sculpting and costuming without the same emphasis given to body fabricating.



Sculpting Comic Book Style

with John Brown

Inside “Sculpting Comic Book Style”, John demonstrates how to sculpt a comic book superhero character. Beginning with a special illustrated montage “ORIGINS”, the sculpted character morphs right off the comic book pages into the clay model where the student learns the origins of the character and the importance of creating a backstory for the superhero. Followed by a concept sketch and a scaled illustration, students will quickly learn the essentials of male anatomy through a comparative study, learning how to extrapolate and overemphasize male anatomy to superhero proportions. Other exciting topics include the creative thought process, costuming and sculpting attitude. Developing good work habits for creating these dynamic characters is unveiled step by step.


Beginning Figure Sculpting

by Adam Reeder

Adam again shows his unique techniques to sculpt the figure. Learn the 3 main masses of the body, simple and cheap armature construction, using anatomical masses, sculpting the hands and feet


ebooks on CD's (also see books section)

Painting Realistic Skin Tones on Polymer Clay CD

Add realism to your clay sculptures! Julie shows you how to add character with age spots, veins and other highlights to bring your sculpt Alive!


Creating a Dragon Bust CD

With Apoxie Sculpt, wire, clay and paint, you can bring a dragon to life!


Felting Clay Sculptures Cd

Needlefelting book on cd showing in detail how to combine the two mediums for truely OOAK creations. Over 180 photos!




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