Dip it Resin the transparent plastic resin for flower-making, miniatures, buildings and more!

Dip It Fantasy film is also known as FormaFilm, Dippity Glass, Joli Glaze, Whimsey Dip, Tauchlach, Vitriflore, Resiflor, and other names. Create beautiful flowers, stained glass ornaments, jewelry and wings for fairys, dragonflies and more!

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Dip It Resin, the craft of making plastic flowers

How to and project ideas - see tips at bottom of this page

100 ml containers - no larger size is available

Transparent Crystal Clear

100 ml - $9.25

Transparent Forest Green

100 ml - $9.25

Transparent Gold Yellow

100 ml - $9.25

Transparent Ice Blue

100 ml - $9.25

Transparent Purple

100 ml - $9.25

Transparent Ruby Red

100 ml - $9.25

Transparent Chartreuse

100 ml - $9.25

Transparent Hawaiian Blue

100 ml - $9.25

Transparent Nut Brown

100 ml - $9.25

Transparent Sunset Orangel

100 ml - $9.25

Transparent Violet

100 ml - $9.25

26 Gauge silver wire - 30 yards


Opaque Cornflower

100 ml - $9.25

Opaque Lime

100 ml - $9.25

Opaque Peach

100 ml - $9.25

Opaque Primrose

100 ml - $9.25

Opaque Rose

100 ml - $9.25

Opaque Snowdrop

100 ml - $9.25

Treasure Trove Black

100 ml - $9.25

Treasure Trove Gold

100 ml - $9.25

Treasure Trove Pearl

100 ml - $9.25

Treasure Trove Silver

100 ml - $9.25


100 ml - $9.25

Thinner (Recommended)

100 ml - $9.25

Dip It Fantasy Film Instructional DVD


Green Floral Tape


White Flower Stamens - 144 pcs


20 Gauge wire - silver - 8 yards


20 Gauge wire - Green - 8 yards


Dip It Fantasy Film Booklet with flower patterns



* Use of the Dip It Thinner is highly recommended for any amount of Dip It purchased.  It will keep your Dip It from thickening after exposed to air.

* Do Not add the Strengthener to the containers of Dip It.  Your dried items should be dipped into the Strengthener only.

* If you add too much thinner to the Dip It, let the container open and exposed to air to allow the thinner to evaporate a bit.

* Paint your dried film with acrylic paint using a chenille stem as a paint brush. Add bugle beads to the wire before dipping to create a new effect!

The Only ways that the Dip It will thicken is if it is exposed to air for an extended amount of time,  if the Strengthener is added to the container, if it is frozen, or use of a different product than the recommended thinner. If the product is shipped during winter, let the containers sit until they become room temperature before use.


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