Dip It Resin - How To Instructions and ideas

Remember the craft from the late 1960's, early 1970's where you dipped wire into resin and made all sorts of items from flowers, to jewelry? Well, its back! New ingredients so its not toxic. Here are some instructions to help you remember how to do it.


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Dip It Fantasy Film Resin

Dip It Fantasy Film is a special liquid plastic which produces the so-called 'Tiffany-effect'.

It is used to make flowers, jewelery and other decorative objects. Paint the dryed film with acrylic paints using a chenille stem as your paint brush or string bugle beads on your wire before you dip it to add a different effect!

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Materials needed:

metal-wire (5 or 6 mm)
flower stamina (Hobby-shops); instead of stamina or as body for butterfly (head/thorax/abdomen) pearls may be used
floral tape
pair of pliers
- Floral foam or Styrofoam
Optional: ribbons, spangles, pinking scissors, various floristic attributes

Cut off piece of wire and bend according to a

drawing or some other model, into the

desired shape

The dimension of the piece of work depends upon the width of the Dip It container. For bigger objects you can use old soup bowls or glass pots with a wide opening.

For an undulating wire use pinking scissors, or wind the wire around a round object (a knitting needle or a pencil will do fine).

Dip the wire into the Dip It Fantasy Film container down to the base of the twisted wire.

When pulling the wire from the container, take care that the membrane which has formed inside the wire does not come into contact with other objects.

Important: the object should be dipped into the liquid only once!

To achieve various shades of color, the shades have to be mixed in the liquid containers, directly.

Stick the wire into a block of Styrofoam and leave
to dry for at least 15 minutes. Always close lid of container well.

For better preservation of the object, dip it into
Dip It Strengthener and leave to dry for another
30 minutes. After the strengthener treatment, the still damp object can be decorated with some glitter-powder Or you mix varnish with some glitter-powder in a bowl and apply it with a brush.

For jewellery, dip the object 3 - 4 times into the Strengthener.

Petals are stuck into the styrofoam sideways to dry to keep the film in place. When you dip the petals in the Strengthener, stick the petals straight down into the styrofoam. The excess strengthener will run off the petal.

For special effects, for instance the stripy pattern typical for Murano glass, you only have to let a few drops of a different color fall onto the basic color after you have taken it out of the container; or mix, a high-gloss transparent color with some opaque color of the same shade of Dip It.

Do not stir before using.

Final assembly:

Bind together the stamina with floral tape. Arrange petals around stamina and wind with floral tape.

At certain intervals attach Dip It leaves to the stem, fastening them with floral tape.

Remember, in nature, nearly everything is erratic!

So have fun and be creative!

You can add color and contrast by painting your petals with permanent marker in various colors

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