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Wow! That's all I can say is... Wow! First of all, I was very impressed when I got your email stating that my order was being shipped the VERY next day after I ordered it. Secondly, even MORE impressed when I received your product this Monday afternoon. (Ordered Friday night, shipped Saturday morning, received Monday afternoon... WOW!! Jessica M

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What some of our customers have to say about the Clay Alley

I just received my order via your lightning quick shipping and want to tell you how thrilled I am with Clay Alley. I appreciate your good pricing, how you keep me posted on every step of my order and how everything was wonderfully packaged. Thanks again for your terrific customer service and I look forward to another "shopping spree" on your website. Thanks again,.....Cathy

Karen, Thanks so much for your friendly, HELPFUL, and speedy service..... plus wonderful products and good prices! I have become a
big fan of your Alley Goop and regularly use it for molding components for my pieces. I highly recommend your business to polyclay fans on a regular basis. ... Anita B.

Karen, you are my #1 supplier and I have another wish list soon to be mailed. Your prices are the lowest, your products up to date, and your site easy to use. No wonder I will be a customer of yours forever! Fran

I received the items you sent me, they are absolutely terrific! I am amazed that there aren't any differences from what other people are selling. The quality is there, the quantity is MUCH better and the price CANNOT be beat. I'm truly amazed, I took a little bit of a gamble and had minor doubts, however my expectations were EXCEEDED. I WILL be sharing your website with my friends! Tiffany B

Did anyone ever tell you how terrific you are? I know they have, but I will in my two cents too! You are very terrific!!!! Syl

I would like to thank you for you fantastic service since the first order. Debi

you guys are the best!--Bryan G

I couldn't even BELIEVE how quickly my order arrived--only two days later! Thank you so much. I'll
be ordering from you from now on. :) Alison F

Wow Karen, that is what I call GREAT service. I no sooner ordered it, read your e-mail saying it was shipped then received it. With handling of orders in such a timely manner you can BE SURE that I will be a repeat customer and will tell others in my miniature group what fast service you give. Thank you very much.
Sincerely, Patricia W

I just got your products today, and they are great. thank you. Kiva

May I compliment you on your fast and very efficient service. I'm looking forward to receiving my ordered items and will be delighted to place orders with you again. Catherine, France

You have a good heart and are a good business person. Thats why I enjoy shopping with you!

It makes shopping on the net, less stressful and more fun! Sharon S, CA

Thanks so much for the quick service!!! I found you through Google and will definitely be back for more "stuff"... Patty

Wow! That's all I can say is... Wow! First of all, I was very impressed when I got your email stating that my order was being shipped the VERY next day after I ordered it. Secondly, even MORE impressed when I received your product this Monday afternoon. (Ordered Friday night, shipped Saturday morning, received Monday afternoon... WOW!! Jessica M

Wow! Such speedy service, I am impressed. John B

You are amazing! Thanks so much, ..Darla

Got my order. You ROCK! Thanks!... Rach

You're the greatest! Thank you!! Diana

First of all let me say how pleased I am dealing with someone who actually reads the mail and responds to it promptly. I like doing business with someone who takes care of their business. You will get more business from me and the many artists I know.....Dan

Wow Karen! Everyone was right, you are the fastest shipper in the east! LOL Thank you so much, I will definitely be back for more....Libby

Wow, thanks for the prompt service! Mary

Karen -- I just had to drop you a note to say that I received my sampler yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased. Everything was well-packaged and the colors are even more beautiful than they looked on-line - it just isn't possible to show just how vibrant they are! I could just play all the time - thank you for such excellent customer service - Kay from Kansas

I want to hang out in the Amen Corner with you on praising Karen. I also want to thank her for sending me new tools to experiment with.

She sent me a nylon pallet which I've been using for this TLS facepainting run. It's just wonderful and I think she's selling it for one dollar. She also sent a Bash 'n Chop cooking tool, it's like a small cookie sheet with one side rolled up. It will come in very handy for slicing canes and scoopingup Chop and Toss and I'm sure even curing items, since it's metal and all. She sent me some new tissue blades and I didn't realize how dull mine were until I sliced with these sharp blades.

Karen is always swift in sending supplies out.It is this spirt of generosity and sterling service that makes Karen my only supplier of tools and clay. Even if I can find clay at a cheaper price if I go through some large vendor, I'd rather support Karen's enterprise because she supports us in so many ways...NJ

I just want to say thank you to Karen for being so speedy with mailing out clay purchases! Syl

Karen is super to deal with and fast is not the right word, it seems that the clay arrives before we order it most the time. She's the best!

I'm with NJ, even if you could find it cheaper, you won't get the same service.... Kathy H

I just wanted to say thanks, and tell you that I will definatly look to your site when ever I need to buy supplies! And I definatly will recommend you to my other Clay pals! You provided prompt and courteous service, careful packaging, and have a very well organized and easy to navigate website! Maybe some day you can expand to Canada! Who knows. I hope the Clay Alley thrives for many many
years to come! ....Jennifer ....Winnipeg MB, Canada

Wow! I am impressed with this personal email! I am so excited to get my order- your selection is impressive. Thanks for this note and correction on my shipping amount! I will be a frequent shopper at your site! .... Heather

This is my second(third?)order. I am so happy(relieved!)to find a company such as yours!
My first order to you was my first on-line purchase. Thank you for making it sooooo...
easy. I normally order from you on the week-end and receive my order by Wednesday of the following
week. Such a fantastic job! You have earned another loyal customer! Thank You, .... Debi

I received my complete order yesterday. I was so shocked that it arrived so fast. I was very pleased with everything. Thanks also, for the little gifts. They'll come in handy. You really do have great prices and wonderful service. People like you are a blessing and a big help to those of us trying to get a project completed quickly. Thanks so much and God bless you, ....D. Alexander

I just wanted to let you know how *impressed* I am with your service. I
couldn't believe how quickly you got the order out and how soon I received
it. It was exactly what I wanted, it was inexpensive and you were
incredibly quick. I'll buy more and I'll refer my friends. You people are
*wonderful*. Thank you so much! .....Barbara


Thanks. Your service is stupendous. Cannot believe how fast your service is. ---Sharon---

Wow! You are fast! And your clay prices are great! Expect future business! In fact, I can think of some things I forgot to add to that order already....paydays always seem so far away...=) Thanks again!

Thanks, really are the best!!!
Thanks for always being so super-prompt! You're da bomb,
g/f! ... mel

Hi Karen. Thank you for letting me know about your new on-line store. Wow! very nice, and great prices too. I added your link to my Resource list. Your prices are much better than I've been able to find in retail craft stores, so you will be hearing from me again -- this time as a customer. Sincere wishes for great success in your business!
Kathy Dewey

Thank you so much for such good service. You are the best in the business!
Always fast, great communication and accurate. What else could I ask for?

Karen is conscientious, efficient and careful, and I've come to trust her greatly. Thanks, Karen! I'll be back for more Sculpey and supplies. --Teresa


Just have to tell you how helpful Karen has been. Willing to track down any item you may need for you if she doesn't carry it already! Such speedy service and a terrific lady to deal with. ..... Tami


I recently ordered some things from you. Just wanted to tell you that they arrived quickly.

I was really impressed by the the turn-around time on the order and was delighted with the quality of the things I ordered...... Jan

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Just thought I would let ya'll know that I ordered some paper mache boxes from The Clay Alley just a couple of days ago

and they came in the mail already today. Now...THAT'S some speedy service if ya ask me!

....Can't believe your quick "delivery".

I just love those little paper mache boxes too. They are really nice and I can't wait to start playin' with them! .....Michele


I have to tell all of you to look at her site! I ordered from it earlier in the week. The shipment arrived quickly, and with everything in it. Also, when Karen looked it over, she decided the shopping cart had overcharged on the shipping and handling. She e-mailed me about it, and reduced it BEFORE charging my credit card! :-) She has a neat selection of things, and her prices are good.

I ordered some of the tins. They are white on the outside and silver on the inside. They are ready to cover - no cleaning needed. And with the solid white finish, I can apply the filigree right to the tin without needing to put down a base layer of clay!

From my experience, I feel I can recommend you try out The Clay Alley! :-)



Karen ...What a nice surprise said you were sending them out and the next thing I know, it's on my front doorstep! What excellent service (and the clay is so fresh too!). Thank you for being so good to us Karen. I think you are going to be very successful with your business! I know I will be ordering from you whenever I need more clay or other nice items to use with the clay! ... Michele

75 Kinsey Drive * Gettysburg, PA 17325 * 717-334-7473 contact us

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