Cernit clay in Flesh, bisquit, and white colors.

Cernit is a natural clay mixed with plastic and is known as an oven ceramic. It is a fine professional quality clay and no other material will give the translucence you get with Cernit


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Cernit Dollmakers colors

Colors are for reference only due to variances in color resolution of your computer.

Just wanted to say Thank You, I got my cernit yesterday soft and fresh...Susie R, WA


500 gram brick

$15.00 ea



Doll White (Porcelain)

Translucent- no pigment

TIP: When kneading the clay to its exteme softness, it will not stick to your hands. Over conditioning the clay makes it become too soft to control and shaping of your creations can be difficult. Use cold water on Cernit to eliminate fingerprints or for separating Cernit from other materials and objects. Cernit is not porous in comparison with other polymer clays. It is very strong and does not break easily. The finish of the clay after baking is superb. Bake Cernit at 270 degees Fahrenheit (130 degress Celcius). The over must be preheated and baking time varies due to size and thickness of clay but usually from 10 to 30 minutes.

The Ice Empress by Linda Land, Australia - made from Cernit



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