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Apoxie Sculpt the 2 part Apoxy Sculpt used by sculptors, miniaturists and museums

Apoxie®Sculpt is used around the world by sculptors, restorers, miniaturists, hobbyists, crafters, repair persons, and students. It is used in museums, schools, motion picture studios, aquariums, and theme parks.

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Apoxie Sculpt

Apoxie® Sculpt, is a self-hardening synthetic clay that combines the features and benefits of clay with those of epoxies.

Apoxie Sculpt

Self-hardening, 2 part product (A & B) must be mixed  thoroughly. Putty like feel. Open working time about 1-3 hours. Cures hard overnight (24  hour full cure). 0% shrinkage. Strongly adheres to almost any clean surface . . . including  ceramic, fiberglass, foam, glass, metal, plastics, resin, stone, wood, and more. Can be seamlessly feathered before set-up, or sanded,  tapped, lathed or otherwise tooled after. User friendly clay. Non-toxic, non-flammable, non-hazardous. No solvents or fumes. Clean up with Apoxie® Safety Solvent or water. Withstands heat up to 350 degrees.

Apoxie Sculpt

1 lb Kit - $15.50

White - 1 lb

 Natural - 1 lb

Apoxie Sculpt

4 lb Kit - $36.50

White - 4 lb

Natural - 4 lb

Fixit Sculpt - 3lb Kit

FIXIT Sculpt offers exceptional sculpting qualities. Firm clay-like feel that resists sagging and drooping. Holds detail and impressions. 4 hour working time. flat matte finish that accepts paints and stains. Great for intricate sculpting work, antler & bone art, ceramic repairs and more!

3 lb Kit


1/4 lb Fix It White


Fix It Paste

1 oz


Apoxie Sculpt Solvent is recommended for tooling, smoothing, texturing and quickly cleaning Apoxie Sculpt from tools, brushes and surfaces before set up. Also removes many other sticky substances. Water Clean Up! A safe alternative for acetone and other commonly used toxic solvents.

Apoxie Sculpt Solvent

1 oz bottle


4 oz bottle


1/4 lb Fix It Aluminum


 CRAFTS & HOBBIES - Create special decor, figures, jewelry, stained glass art, and original sculptures. Use with kits and models, build detail, fill molds, cover armatures, etc. Add  color to your project! (An oven bakable glaze, called Pebeo Prociline 150 and comes in 47 different colors works great!)

REPAIRS & RESTORATIONS - Antiques; toys; dolls; ceramics; pottery; vases; statues; museum and outdoor displays; tools; furniture; and more. Add to or repair most anything! Many home, school and professional uses.

ART, DESIGN, MODEL MAKING & SPECIAL EFFECTS - Create or add to models; fill & cover seams, cracks, and armatures; sculpt eye sets; bond pieces; fabricate or extend parts; create dioramas, relief maps; create natural-looking trees, branches, rocks, bases, waterfalls, aquatic scenery, theme park projects, and other scenic effects. Exterior quality. Much more!

TIP: Don't like the stickiness of the Apoxie Sculpt or you want to start sculpting immediately without waiting. Put a drop of olive oil on your hand and rub in like hand lotion or dunk the mixed amount into water! The stickiness will immediately disappear for you to start sculpting. When the stickiness returns, wet your fingers or tools and continue sculpting. Works every time! You can even wet each "part" when kneading it together.


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